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Use aerial photos and videos in your advertising and social media.

Whether your business is looking to produce a commercial, add some interesting sequences to your social media presence or spice up your website, call Sandhills Aerial to discuss your ideas. Our concept team loves doing commercial shoots and coming up with the most dramatic footage to help in your marketing.

A typical commercial package includes:

  1. We work with you to design and create the sequences that would best showcase your business or services.

  2. A 1-2 minute professionally directed and edited completed High Definition video (with background music) that can be used for commercial purposes, YouTube, Facebook, your own website etc.

  3. At least 15 high-resolution still photos shot from a variety of angles and at various altitudes

  4. The photo & video shoot is designed to showcase and maximize the appeal of property, the lot and unique site features.

  5. Video sequences will usually include:

    • Opening “Fly-in”: where the viewer seems to “fly in” from up high then straight into the property. This creates a dramatic, welcoming feeling as if the property is “embracing you”.

    • Pans/Strafes: Slow and steady pans across the facade, rear property or other unique features

    • High-altitude Orbit: A 360 continuous sequence showing the entire property and lot

    • Reverse “Fly-out”: A powerful ending sequence whereby the camera starts up close but then moves out, away and up in reverse from the property. This shot is used to evoke a feeling of “longing”

  6. In addition to the final edited video, all raw video files are provided for customer’s own use/archive (permanent exclusive rights to all footage can also be purchased for an additional charge)

  7. Shoot can  be scheduled for sunrise or sunset for best lighting, depending on property

  8. Maximum 7-day delivery from date of production. RUSH service available.  “Non-property” filming (i.e, if you want to film something other than a structure or property) can be done with no problem. Just contact us!

  9. One location (additional locations can be added)

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