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From the most sophisticated drones to the most elaborate of editing systems – only the highest quality of equipment is utilized for the BEST results. Our clients are treated with the greatest care, and we ensure the client loves the end result. No matter the size of project or budget! Our testimonials speak for themselves.


Aerial videography and photography are art forms and knowing the right shot to be able to best promote your property is paramount! Our professional pilots and cinematographers have worked on everything from real estate to film productions. We have learned through training, experience and most importantly – CLIENT RESULTS – to know how best to promote your project. That is why we have become the premier company trusted by Sandhills’ most reputable realtors, communities and businesses.


We are not hobbyists looking to make a few bucks on the side. We are [professionals with pilot qualifications, cinematographers, photographers and video editors backed by the best aviation insurance , FAA Certification and FAA Exemptions to fly in restricted areas. Come see why Sandhills Aerial is the trusted choice of so many customers.



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