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Because there are only two filming slots each day (sunrise and sunset), a 25% deposit is required to secure the film shoot scheduling. After booking:

1. Sandhills Aerial will show up with a crew on the date and time specified, weather permitting.

2. Upon completion of shoot, Sandhills Aerial will prepare three sample photos and the sample edited video for client’s review and approval.

3. Upon receipt of client’s approval, an invoice for the remaining balance due (less initial deposit) will be sent.

4. Once final payment is made, a link to download the final completed video, all photos and all unedited video will be emailed to client.

5. Additional edits to completed & submitted video are charged at $45

What’s the Production, Delivery & Payment Process?

Yes. Sandhills Aerial is fully certified and licensed with the FAA for commercial flying.  Additionally, Sandhills Aerial is fully insured for up to $1,000,000 per incident.

Are you Certified & Registered with the FAA?  What about insurance?

We take privacy very seriously. Drones have received a lot of attention recently, usually for bad reasons. We are therefore committed to preserving the privacy not just of our clients, but also of the neighborhood and community. We will not film any area where we do not have the written permission of the property owner, nor will we send the drone anywhere where it could be considered invasive.

What about privacy?

It really depends on the complexity of the shots we’re trying to get.  Turnaround time for clients is usually 2 days for photos only, 4 days for photos and videos. Complicated shots and any post-production can add to the time.

We do offer RUSH service, and will always do our best to accommodate our customers.  Weather can sometimes complicate our schedule however!

How long does it take? Do you offer RUSH service?

Yes we can!  If you'd like to include interior sequences in your video, we can do that!   There are two ways we usually include interior shots:

1) if you already have professionally stages photos of the interior, we can edit those photos into the video as a slide show

2. We can film interior walk-through sequences

Speak to one of our professionals today to discuss your needs.  We can prepare a custom quotation for just about anything.

Can you include interior shots?

You’d be surprised how affordable it is.  Sophisticated drones with high-resolution cameras have come way down in price in recent years, meaning that great footage is now more available than ever.

Most of our clients are surprised at the value for what they receive.  Trained pilots.  Experienced cinematographers. Professional video editors.  They all come together to produce videos that stand out in all listings.

We may not be the cheapest, but we are undoubtedly the best.  And in this business, you get what you pay for.  Ask us for testimonials and referrals!

Is it expensive?

You do.  All the video files are sent to you in raw format, or edited as you wish. The copyright is yours, and you are free to use the footage as you need.

Do I own the footage or do you?

Sandhills Aerial makes photos and videos that can be used for any marketing or social media purpose. Most realtors will upload the video to their Zillow and Trulia listing, include the video on their website, and promote it through their own social media outlets (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc.) Unless you don’t want us to, your video will be featured on the Sandhills Aerial YouTube channel and all our social media outlets. We have a lot of subscribers, we get a lot of attention from realtors, homebuyers in Moore county and our videos often drive traffic to the realtor’s listing. We will also make a blog post about your property and announce your listing.

How do you (or I) market the videos?
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