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Simply put, aerial video can do what ordinary photos can’t.

A “standard” real estate listing has everything you’d expect…ten, maybe 20 beautifully staged and photographed stills of each room. And maybe you’ve already got a few aerial shots of the property. But video- and specifically aerial video, can provide a unique perspective and evoke an emotional attachment that even the best photos cannot.

Emotional backing music. Grand entrances from up high into the property. Moving sequences of water shimmering. An ending shot panning up and away, leaves your viewer wanting more. Watch one of our sample videos and determine for yourself!

Sandhills Aerial uses the latest drone technology to offer a wide range of high-definition aerial video and photography. We specialize in working with real estate brokers to capture exquisite aerial photos and rotating aerial videos of properties to support marketing efforts. However, Sandhills Aerial also has extensive experience working with corporate clients and individuals to create custom, attention-grabbing footage of their events.

Check out the photos below.  The top picture is a regular photo of a house taken from the ground.  The photo below is the same photo but taken from the air.  Which one is better?

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