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Horses and Drones: Do The Mix?

We are so fortunate to be living in one of the premiere equestrian areas of the country. With beautiful farms, beautiful land and beautiful animals, horses often feature in properties we film. Whether as a background element our featuring in the video, horses and farm animals require special care and attention when filming. But how do horses react to drones flying around?

It really depends on the horse. If your horse runs hot, it may view a drone as a predatory animal, in which case we will keep a very respectful distance. If a horse tends to be calmer, we can get closer and get some really dynamic shots. However, in all cases the welfare, comfort and safety is the first priority. We have specific procedures and checklists to follow regarding the well-being of the animals and won't fly if it looks like it disturbs them.

The drones we use for filming animals are sophisticated and unique - they have special, low-noise propellors that aren't very loud. They have automatic tracking technology that allows us to maintain a safe distance at all times, and built-in obstacle avoidance and collision sensors.

If you're interested in using horses in your property video or if you would like a showreel of yourself riding, speak to one of our pilots about the options!

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